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TxATSA is the Texas State Chapter of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse (ATSA). TxATSA works to provide training and resources to clinicians committed to preventing sexual abuse. TxATSA offers a networking environment of support and information to guide ethical and sound treatment, and risk assessment.

TxATSA is committed to help shape public policy based on research and best practices.

TxATSA is dedicated to creating a safer community.


TxATSA Meeting and Social,Saturday March 5, 2016, 5:30p to 7 pm CSOT/TxATSA Co-sponsored Annual Conference Wyndham- San Antonio Riverwalk Executive Salon 4 Please join us for the Pre-Conference Session on Collaboration in Public Policy Reform and Forum:  Saturday March 5th … [Read More]

Current Officers: Shelley Graham, President, Anna Shursen, Vice-President, Ed Towns, Secretary, Casey O’Neal, Treasurer

Please forward info on any articles, books, manuals you have authored, or any trainings you are presenting. We want to keep our membership updated with all the expertise available within our State and how to access this great resource.